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Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC) Online

What Is It?

Online defensive driving course

Who Is It For?

Eligible drivers in Michigan


Avoid points on your record and higher insurance premiums


Affordable, state-approved courses

Take a 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course in MI

One of the consequences of getting a traffic ticket is that insurance companies can check your driving record and increase your premium. By taking a Michigan basic driver improvement course (BDIC), you can avoid acquiring points on your driver’s license and upping your premium. The course must be completed within 60 days of receiving your notice of eligibility from the state.

Through, American Safety Council® provides the first online basic driver improvement course to be approved by the Michigan Department of State (MDOS). We make completing our online traffic school fast and easy, no matter your driving experience, work schedule or lifestyle.

Fill out our online form to enroll in Michigan BDIC from American Safety Council and begin the course today.

Who Is Eligible for a Michigan BDIC?

How do you know if you can take a BDIC? The State of Michigan sends you a notice of eligibility in the mail telling you that you qualify. In general, you can take the Michigan BDIC if you meet these requirements:

  • You got a ticket that counts for 3 points or less on your driving record.
  • The violation was not a criminal offense.
  • You weren’t driving a commercial motor vehicle when you got the ticket.
  • You have valid, non-commercial license with no more than 2 points on your driving record.

Be on the lookout for this letter if you’ve received a ticket and aren’t sure if you qualify. You must complete the course within 60 days of receiving your notice, so it’s important not to waste time wondering about your eligibility.

Michigan Traffic Tickets and Driving Records: How They Work

When you receive a traffic ticket, it counts for a certain number of points on your license. The point system determines how many points a violation is on your driving record. A violation can be minor and worth three or less points, while some are considered misdemeanors or felonies and worth up to six points.

You can take a basic driving improvement course for traffic convictions under three points, including:

  • Driving 1–15 miles per hour over the speed limit
  • Failure to stop for a school bus or at a stop sign
  • Running a red light
  • Improper passing

To read the full list of traffic violations that make you eligible for a BDIC, see the MDOS website.

If you’re not sure how many points are on your driving record, you can request a copy of your driving or vehicle record online from the Record Lookup Unit. This process takes up to two weeks and costs $11. You can also purchase a certified driving record copy at any branch office for $12. Once you receive your copy, you can also download this guide from the MDOS on how to understand what your driving record says.

Driver Responsibility Fee

In addition to points on your license, getting a traffic ticket also generally requires you to pay a fine. In the state of Michigan, there is an additional Driver Responsibility Fee for certain offenses or if you accumulate seven or more points. Many if not all of the offenses that qualify in the Driver Responsibility Law are not eligible for the BDIC program, as many are worth more than three points.

The state of Michigan is ending this program, with the final closing date as October 1, 2018. In the meantime, if you receive a ticket before that date, expect to pay the Michigan Driver Responsibility Fee.

Why Take a BDIC with American Safety Council?

If you meet the requirements for a basic driver improvement course in Michigan, you can benefit from enrolling in our online course in these ways:


The Michigan BDIC from American Safety Council is available at a low cost, and there are no extra fees attached to course enrollment or reporting your results.


Our online BDIC meets all of the MDOS course sponsor requirements, so you can be sure that you get credit for taking the course.

100% Online

Take our course from any place, at any time or with any device that has internet access.


Create an account when you enroll and sign in and out as much as you need, taking the defensive driving course on your schedule. Your progress is saved every time.

Customer Support

Our representatives are available around the clock to answer your questions about your account and the course material.

Automatic Reporting

When you pass the final exam, American Safety Council submits your course completion directly to the MDOS.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not happy with the course? We stand behind our services, so we offer a money-back guarantee

About Our MI Basic Driver Improvement Course

The Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course from American Safety Council is designed to teach students how to be safer drivers and reviews traffic laws, defensive driving skills and how to minimize risks while driving. The goal is that you apply these learnings to your driving habits and reduce your chance of getting a traffic violation in the future.

Once you register for our course and create a username and password, you can start the first module right away. The course has seven modules that cover these topics:

  • Michigan traffic laws
  • Crash prevention techniques
  • Crash dynamics
  • Traffic crash problems
  • The human factors
  • OWI prevention
  • Safety equipment

American Safety Council offers 24/7 course and customer support. When you have questions about the course or your account, you can reach our experts by phone, email or live chat.

How Long Does the Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course Take?

The Michigan BDIC from American Safety Council is a 4-hour course, meeting the requirements of the MDOS. This means that the instruction time alone is four hours. Set aside additional time to take final exam, especially since you may need to attempt it more than once to pass.

You can complete the modules at whatever speed works for your schedule. However, you must finish the course within 60 days of receiving your notice of eligibility from the state. This is the only way your insurance company won’t see the recent ticket points on your driving record and increase your rates.

If you miss the 60-day deadline, the traffic violation and points are on your record and available to insurance companies.

Passing the Course

To successfully complete the online Michigan BDIC, you must make a 80% or higher on a 20-question final exam. You have three chances to take and pass the exam. If you don’t pass after three attempts, you can register for the course again. You can take the course however many times you need to pass, as long as it’s within your 60-day eligibility period.

Once you pass the exam, you can download a free certificate of completion for your personal records. American Safety Council automatically reports your completion to the MDOS, which updates your driving record.

How to Be a Safe Driver and Avoid Tickets

Follow these tips to stay safe while driving and prevent getting points on your record:

Driving Tips

  • Focus on driving. Using your phone, looking at your GPS and other forms of distracted driving take your eyes off the road, increasing your risk of making a mistake.
  • Wear your seatbelt. These safety tools are known to protect drivers and passengers when in accidents.
  • Lower your speed in inclement weather, such as fog, snow and rain.
  • Stay a safe distance away from other cars. In normal driving conditions, follow the 3-second rule, meaning stay at least 3 seconds away from the car in front of you.
  • Follow the speed limit. Going too fast or too slow puts other drivers in danger.
  • Come to a full stop at stop signs. This is an easy way to avoid accidents and tickets.
  • Pay attention to school zones rules. These areas usually have lower speed limits, crosswalks and different traffic signal restrictions.
  • Use your turn signals. Letting other drivers know where you’re headed is important communication when driving.
  • Get regular vision exams. That way, you can be aware of any changes in your sight, update your eyewear and see your best while driving.

Enroll in Our Online Defensive Driving Course

Looking to take an online Michigan driving class to avoid points? The basic driver improvement course from American Safety Council is an affordable, convenient solution. When you take a defensive driving course, you do more than prevent your insurance premiums from increasing. Refreshing your memory of these skills can help prevent traffic violations and accidents, making the road a safer place for yourself and other drivers.

If you’re in your 60-day eligibility period and ready to begin the course, sign up for our online Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course today.

Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course FAQ

What if I never received the notice of eligibility?

The MDOS alerts all eligible drivers by mailing a notice to your address on file. You are required by law to make sure that your address is updated with the MDOS.

What if I get a second traffic ticket after taking basic driver improvement?

If you have already avoided points by passing a BDIC, you don’t get to take the course again. The new points go on your driving record and are visible to insurance companies.

Other reasons you may be disqualified from taking BDIC include:

  • You have 3 or more points on your driver’s license.
  • Your license has been restricted, suspended or revoked.
  • You don’t have a Michigan driver’s license.
  • You received the ticket outside the state.
  • The traffic violation doesn’t fall under the list of eligibility.
  • You are currently in a 60-day period of eligibility for a different traffic ticket.
  • You were driving a commercial vehicle or using a commercial driver’s license when you got the ticket.

Do I have do take my BDIC in a classroom?

No. The Michigan BDIC course from American Safety Council is completely online and can be taken in whatever location you choose—no visits to the DMV or sitting in a classroom required.

Do I have to complete the online course in one sitting?

No. Once you’ve enrolled and created your account, you can log in and out as much as you choose. Your progress is saved each time.

How do I know that my driving record has been updated?

You can request a copy of your driving record online from the MDOS to confirm that it doesn’t reflect the avoided points.

How do I contact American Safety Council’s customer support team?

When you need assistance from our customer support team, you can call 1-877-689-0674, talk to us on live chat once you log into your account or email us at

Can I take a Michigan BDIC for a 0-point ticket?

Yes. Your traffic ticket won’t be reported to your car insurance company if you complete the BDIC. Remember, you can only take a BDIC once, so you may not take it again to avoid points on another traffic ticket that’s worth more points.


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