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Online Utah Alcohol Training Courses for Seller and Server Certification

Take a Utah Alcohol Training Course from American Safety Council

American Safety Council® offers online Utah Alcohol Training courses that are an easy and convenient way to get certified as a server or seller in the state of Utah. Approved by the Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH), the courses—an on-premise course and an off-premise training course—teach students the effects of alcohol on consumers, how to avoid illegal sales to minors and techniques for safely dealing with intoxicated customers.

Which Course Is Appropriate for Me?

The alcohol training course that you take depends on your type of employment. If your customers consume the alcohol in your establishment, then on-premise training is required. If your customers purchase the alcohol at your establishment and consume it off-site, then off-premise training is the appropriate course.

  • The on-premise alcohol training course is a three-hour program for servers and those that manage servers in bars, taverns, clubs and restaurants. The class focuses on Utah laws and preventing sales to minors and intoxicated customers.
  • The off-premise alcohol training course is a one-hour program for sellers in grocery and convenience stores, as well as those that supervise sellers. The class focuses on Utah laws, preventing sales to minors and identifying valid IDs. This course is not valid for employment in liquor stores.

What Are the Seller and Server Certification Requirements?

  • Complete training within 30 days of hire
  • Score 70% or higher on the final exam
  • Complete on-premise certification every three years
  • Complete off-premise certification every five years

Completion of Utah Alcohol Training Course

Upon completion of the Utah Alcohol Training courses, you will receive the following:

  • Printable certificate of completion
  • Printable training and education seminar completion card

The Utah Alcohol Training and Education Seminar completion card is valid and approved by the Utah DSAMH.

Why is Alcohol Training Necessary?

Your certification is necessary criteria for employment within the bars, restaurants and retail establishments that serve and sell alcoholic beverages. Training teaches servers and sellers how to reduce underage drinking, detect and handle intoxicated consumers in a safe and efficient manner and understand the biological effects of alcohol consumption, especially with regards to minors. Additionally, these courses help shield servers/sellers from illegal or unsafe incidents involving the consumption of alcohol.

Why Complete Training with American Safety Council?

American Safety Council makes training easy for employees so that certification is quick and hassle-free. These courses contain several features that contribute to a convenient and accommodating experience.

  • Inexpensive Training—Not only are classes affordable, they can also be purchased in bulk at a discounted rate for establishments with multiple employees seeking certification.
  • Convenient, Online Courses—Complete training from the comfort of your home on your favorite devices. You set the pace.
  • Unlimited Attempts—Both courses allow unlimited attempts at their final exams for a 100% passing guarantee or your money back.
  • Immediate Certificate and Card—Don’t wait for your certification to arrive by mail. You can download and print your valid Utah Alcohol Training and Education Seminar card to show your employer that same day.
  • Free Completion Reporting—American Safety Council will report certification to the state of Utah for free.
  • 24/7 Support—Students will have access to support at all times to ensure fast course completion and assistance with any issues that arise. Use the chat feature to instant message a representative with pressing questions about registration, technical issues or general course information.
  • EASY Compliant—Both courses are in compliance with the Eliminating Alcohol Sales to Youth (EASY) program which aims to reduce the supply of alcohol to minors at off-premise retail locations.

Utah Alcohol On-Premise Training Course

This 3-hour course by American Safety Council will give students the tools they need to serve alcohol within the legal restrictions of the state of Utah. Servers will be able to identify problems related to alcoholic beverages, prevent the sale of alcohol to minors and avoid the sale of alcohol to intoxicated customers.

Key Topics of the On-Premise Training Course

  • Blood Alcohol Concentration and List Factors of BAC in individuals
  • How to properly check IDs and identify valid identification
  • Intervention techniques for intoxicated persons
  • The difference between a legal and illegal sale
  • How certain factors impact the effects of alcohol

Course Benefits

The on-premise alcohol training course is designed with the student’s schedule and convenience in mind. American Safety Council’s on-premise training course includes the following benefits:

  • Automatic Saved Progress—Log in and out of the course as often as you need and never worry about losing your progress as you finish each section.
  • Simple Text-based Content—The course is comprised of straight-forward, text-based sections that can be viewed and followed easily on your platform.
  • No Expiration—The course will remain open for as long as you need to complete your training.
  • 24/7 Access—Have access to the course at any hour and complete your training at a time that works best for your schedule.

Final Exam

The online final exam for the on-premise course is 20 questions with unlimited attempts. All information on the final exam is included within the course material.

Register for the On-Premise Utah Alcohol Training Course Online

Register now for the online Utah Alcohol Training course for on-premise consumption and easily earn your card from home. Start your employment as a server today with a certificate approved by the Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

Utah Alcohol Off-Premise Training Course

This 1-hour course by American Safety Council will teach potential sellers how to prevent unlawful sales of alcohol, especially to minors. Servers will walk away with thorough knowledge of Utah’s laws and regulations with regards to the sale of alcoholic beverages in grocery and convenience stores with a strong emphasis on the prevention of underage drinking.

Key Topics of the Off-Premise Training Course

Over the course of the off-premise training, you will gain a real understanding of the following:

  • The effects of underage drinking in Utah
  • How to properly check IDs and recognize fake IDs
  • Observable signs of an intoxicated person
  • Intervention techniques to prevent sales to minors
  • How to say no to a customer
  • Factors impacting the effects of alcohol

Note: This course does not cover liquor stores. Liquor store certification is handled by a separate division.

Off-Premise Training Course Benefits

Complete on Your Schedule

Without a time limit, you are able to study and finish the course on your own schedule. Your progress will be saved as you go.

Easy to digest

The course is comprised of simple sections of content that can be easily read on any web-enabled device.

Immediate proof of completion

Same day certification allows you to complete the course and satisfy employer requirements immediately.

Final Exam

The online final exam for the off-premise alcohol training course is 10 questions with unlimited attempts. All information on the final exam is included within the course material.

Register for the Off-Premise Utah Alcohol Training Course Online

You can purchase your Utah Alcohol Training course here for off-premise consumption and earn your certificate and card approved by the Utah DSAMH. Gain the knowledge and skills needed for off-premise retail locations in an affordable, user-friendly training course that works for your schedule.

Frequently Asked Utah Alcohol Training Questions

Do I need training if I am a manager or supervisor?

Yes. Employees that directly manage or supervise servers or sellers must complete the appropriate training course according to employer and state requirements.

Does my card expire? Will I have to retake the course again?

Certification cards for on-premise consumption are valid for three years, while cards for off-premise consumption are valid for five years. After that time, the course must be retaken. In addition, a seller may have to retake the course if a legal violation or multiple violations have been committed or if a sale has been made to a minor.

Can I reprint my card if I lose it?

Yes. Your certificate and card will be available to reprint from your online account.

Can my employer look up my certification status? Where can I look up my own status?

Anyone can look up a server’s certification status on the Alcohol Server Training System registry. The registry provides an individual’s certification status as well as the date of its expiration.

Why does the off-premise certification exclude liquor stores?

According to the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC), Utah liquor laws require spirits, wine, and full-strength beer (over 3.2% alcohol content) to be sold only at state liquor stores or package agencies. American Safety Council’s off-premise alcohol training course does not cover state liquor stores or package agencies as these are handled by a separate division.

What are the benefits to employers or establishment owners who are seeking alcohol training for their staff?

There are both obvious and hidden benefits to providing an American Safety Council on-premise or off-premise course for employees.

  • Greater staff professionalism and an enhanced business reputation
  • Cost savings due to decreased legal violations and fines
  • Improved safety to staff, other patrons, and property in the presence of intoxicated individuals
  • Active contribution to decrease underage drinking
  • Confidence in state law compliance and compliance checks

What is O-P.A.S.S.?

You may notice that the American Safety Council Utah Alcohol Training program is sometimes referred to as O-P.A.S.S. (On/Off Premise Alcohol Serving Safety). This is simply another name for the seller/server training course and does not affect course content or card validity.

What is Utah’s EASY Law?

Eliminating Alcohol Sales to Youth (EASY) is a program aimed at underage drinking that started in 2016. The program requires anyone in the state of Utah who sells alcohol or supervises those sales to complete obligatory training courses. The EASY program also funds local law enforcement agencies to carry out random compliance checks at retail locations to ensure that establishments do not sell alcohol to minors.

Who enforces Utah alcohol and liquor laws? Does the Department of Human Services or the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control enforce certification?

No. Enforcement of alcohol laws are carried out by the Department of Public Safety and local law enforcement.

  • The Department of Human Services works to diminish substance abuse and underage drinking with the partnership of approved alcohol training courses and wellness services. Its Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health does not enforce Utah alcohol laws.
  • The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is an alcohol retailer comprising of state liquor stores and package agencies. It is also responsible for issuing licenses and permits to restaurants, clubs, and event organizers.